Ok, at some point you were feeling bored or after watching broadcasts other streamers you came up idea: "Hey, why else would I dont begin streaming".

Project: Quickstart will help all novice streamers and people who want to broadcast without digging in program and yet have all the necessary instruments for broadcast. One time set up and let's go.

Well, will not waste our time and let's get to work.

1) Sign in on site where you want start broadcast.

Many novice streamers think not just about PC configuration for stream but also the choice of platform. We can start with popular stream service or can start broadcast with are less popular sites and yet have bigger chances to get in top and then later move on large platform.

Here's a list of popular platforms on which we could start stream:

1) Twitch.tv
2) Youtube.com
3) Facebook.com
4) Mixer.com

In addition to the list you can start stream in other broadcasting services.

NOTE: If you installed program Streamlabs OBS then make this way:

Log in a program and click on cogwheel icon (Settings) in top-right angle a program.

In opened window "Settings" choose section "Stream" and in interface on the right find "Show all Services" and put a checkmark near. After that,  by clicking on dropdown list "Service" you can see big number platform for streaming supported by a program. In order that start stream on other sites not from a list in program choose on dropdown list "Stream type" section "Custom Streaming Server" and paste stream key that should give you stream service.

Now, choose to where you want to begin stream and continue with to next item.

2) Download & Install Streamlabs OBS

Did you decide where is will be your stream? Ok, next item - Download & Install program.

Go to official site on this link >>> or click on homepage our site button "Download Streamlabs OBS", download Streamlabs OBS and run install.

Install Streamlabs OBS in the disc partition that you want. When install is ended don't clear checkmate with "Run Streamlabs OBS" and click button "Finish".

Next will be started program and the first thing you're going to see is start form for enter in program. Enter in program using sugggested form (Twitch, Youtube, Mixer or Facebook).

NOTE: If you choose "Setup Later" then you enter on mainpage Streamlabs OBS but do you will not be are available nearly all functions. However, you can initially see on how look program and later through button "Login" enter in Streamlabs OBS. But you better login at once through one of the four form so that correctly implement initial setup.

As an example choose form Twitch.tv. Click on button "Twitch", enter login and password and then from the pop-up window with permits to access Streamlabs OBS to click "OK".

The next step a program import a collection scenes. Click "Continue". Further a program will ask you import scenes and settings from Open Broadcaster Software. If you not have this program just click "Start Fresh". Then, opened window with suggestion connect widgets. Click "Setup Later", widgets will configure next time. Next - "Automatic optimization". Click "Start" and await. After autosetup a program itself will pick up settings for stream, however there is a nuances of which we'll tell in third item.

At that install a program is ending.

3) Decide that we shall be broadcasting.

Good. We are installed a program. Now we need to understand, what are games we can broadcast.

Actually all depends from configuration your PC, because for stream need 2 type sources PC - sources for games & sources for broadcast.

If you have PC older or non-powerful configuration than for you suit only live-stream and old or undemanding perfomance games. With medium configuration can already be play in all modern games but graphic quality will be on a minimal level because of resource consumption to stream. In this case we need adjust optimal graphic settings a game and broadcast. With powerful PC everything understand - cool graphic, cool quality stream, etc.

So there is we've few options:

1) Try start stream on what we have
2) Update hardware
3) Buy new PC

NOTE: Update or buy new PC you can in your city to retail stores or order delivery from Ebay & Amazon.

So how do find out optimal games for stream? Very simple.

We need to run game on minimal graphic settings. If in game will be 60+ FPS for online-game and 40+ FPS for singleplayer, then this game can be to try broadcast, and if possible can be to increase graphic quality in game or Video bitrate. If FPS will be less forty, then you will be uncomfortable to play and you also hardly can be broadcasting even in minimal quality stream - 720p@30fps. Here we should update hardware, buy new PC or refuse of this game and find something else.

NOTE: Find out FPS using program Fraps (download Fraps >>>) or through built in game a frame counter if game have this setting.

Install supposed games for stream, check FPS, choose suitable games and go to the next step.

4) Setting scenes, design and widgets.

So, we have games that we are going stream. Then remain only set up a program. Run Streamlabs OBS and enter through one of the four suggested form and moving on to configuration.

Begin with scenes.

For quickstart we need scenes start and finish stream, scene break-time and, of course, scene for game. Plus add widgets.

About design scenes we have 3 variants:

- Download pics for scenes from internet
- Create themes using image editors similar to Adobe Photoshop and downloading in a program
- Use ready-made from tab "Themes".
- Order individual professional themes & design on Fiverr in specially section (go to "Fiverr for Twitch" page >>>)

But third variant have one a nuance. All themes - Anglophone. Therefore, if you broadcasting on another language, you'll have to a little finalized some scenes by hand in graphic editors on your language.

We will be create simple design, whose on first time на первое время will be enough. For this we will be using only sources Streamlabs OBS and images from internet, that you understand how it works.  And then eventually you with their created by in graphic editor images will be to do similarly or append additionally to original material new sources and widgets like chat, social network links, etc.

1) Scenes for start, finish and time-out.

From the title it is clear that we need scenes which are shown on start, on stream ending and in time-out a stream. Ok, let's do it.

Find in internet any you like image with resolution FullHD (1920x1080) or create in Adobe Photoshop background, save him on PC with name "Background" and go to a program Streamlabs OBS.

In section "Scene" rename "Scene" на "Start" by click right button mouse and by choose "Rename". It will be scene with starting screen. Now in unit "Sources" click on + and in opened window on left column "Standart" choose "Image" and click on "Add Source". Next, need to name a source, we write - Background. On the next step need add image through button "Browse". Click Done.

NOTE: You can in the same way add over the background other images, such as frame for chatbox (in the format PNG) or images with info about your social networks.

Done. Image is added. Now add inscription begin a stream. Click on + in Sources and add Text (GDI+), name source "Start", and on third step in field "Text" enter on your language text of greeting. If you want, you can play with settings (font, size, color text, etc.). Click Done.

NOTE: You can download other types fonts such as FontAwesome (download FontAwesome >>>) and they will be show up in program Streamlabs OBS.

For scene Time-Out we can add chat widget. Again in Sources click on +. Now is in right column "Widgets" choose "Chatbox", source name - Chatbox, on the last step set up chat theme and click Done. Drag chat window at the right place. Now, when people will be to write in chat their messages will be be displayed on stream.

All that remains its add Alert Box. Click + in Sources and in widgets choose Alertbox. Name - "Alertbox". On third step just click "Done".

Spend the same manipulations by creating a scenes for stream ending "Finish" and time-out "Pause".

2) Scene of game broadcast

It's time to add scene with game and, at will, some widgets (Webcam, Donation Goal, Alert Box).

Create scene with name "Game". Next in "Sources" click on + and choose "Game Capture". Name to leave and on third step in "Scale resolution" choose resolution 1280x720 and click "Done". In result we can run game and Streamlabs OBS itself her will capture and will take on screen broadcast.

For old games this variant might not be suitable. And for that need some to work. Run game in window mode. Next in Streamlabs OBS make a way: Sources - + - window capture - custom name - in "Window" choose game - Done.

And now, widgets. Firstly, add into this scene Alertbox using info from the first item.

Next on the list "Donation Goal" - widget for collect donations. You can put counter to collect on new PC. How to do this - in "Sources" click + and add "Donation Goal". At the end specify goal collection, summ and ending date. Click on "Start Goal" and "Done".

Next - webcam. If there is no webcam just skip this step. For those who want to broadcast with webcam, make: Sources - Video Capture Device - custom name - done.

3) Scene of talking with viewers

This scene can be not to add, will be sufficient a scene with game stream/background+webcam, but if you want to create individual scene only with webcam, you just to add new scene and in Sources add webcam (fullscreen) as described above. Additionally you can set up widgets Alertbox, Donation goal, images with your social networks and chatbox.

In this design is ending. Of course, will be better if you learn to create design themes in graphic editor. And now you learned to as create and append design in Streamlabs OBS and about widgets which we need for quickstart. Let us move on.

5) Technical settings a program

We are created design for stream. Now should be set up technical settings a program and connect widgets.

Enter in Dashboard - My Account - Donation Settings and connect payment acceptance Paypal.

NOTE: You can also use third-party extensions to receive donations, such as Donationalerts.com and connect like widget in Streamlabs OBS using Sources - + - Browser Source. That's convenient for those who want connect other e-wallets for donations.

Now let's go to in Settings Stremlabs OBS. Click on cogwheel in top-right angle a program and open tab "Stream". If you enter in a program through one of form, then you'll see complete line "Stream key" of service through which we entered in Streamlabs OBS. If "Stream key" is empty then "Stream key" should look for in personal account on site for broadcast and insert into field.

Next, open tab "Output". In this location there is an information about broadcast quality. Configure don't need anything because when installing, Streamlabs itself everything configured but as was suggested, above in third item, everything depends from PC and game for stream. Therefore, in "Streaming" we have average performance, which should be adjust on startup broadcast with game, especially "Video bitrate". Set "Audio bitrate" on 128 - that's enough.

On tab "Video" are configured screen resolution on stream - Output (Scaled) Resolution and stream FPS - Common FPS values. Put minimal value 1280x720 and 30 FPS in those lines.

Open tab "Hotkeys" and set up all the necessary hotkeys and click Done.

So, all setting is end and time has come launch a first stream.

6) Launch first stream

It's time moment when we are installed and set up everything. All that remains is only run our broadcast. But let's first seem how will be look a stream.

In Streamlabs OBS open tab "Live". Here you can seen what's look your broadcast. Recorrect design elements if necessary, check workability Alertbox by clicking on "Test Widget".

It's ok? Click button "Go Live". Congratulations, you are on Live!

7) Additional tips

Ok, we are started stream. But remains the question: Who will be watch our stream? If at sites with a little competition you can to get on top, it's on big sites types Twitch or Youtube make it is incredibly difficult. Therefore, here are some advices for those who is going to broadcasting games not only as a hobby.

1) Create contents on another sites - make videos, create and develop your social networking pages (you can create site with Streamlabs Prime program - begin now >>>)
2) Make prize draws - people love a freebie
3) If possible, update PC - better PC = better quality stream
4) Use advertise networks to promote channel or pages - create ADS in advertise networks Google ADS, Bing, Facebook and promote content
5) Just be yourself, never don't copy other streamers
6) Talking with viewers - people will be loyal and friendly
7) Use other devices (tablet, second monitor, smartphone) to see chat and stream on a broadcast source and know how to all work on site
8) Create description and design channel with all links your social networks and links for donations
9) Join to affiliate program on broadcast source so that open more capacity that proposes site
10) With the increasing number of viewers add widget Stream labels and set up settings with top donates day/month/all time and latest subscribes.

That will be all. I wish you Best of luck and Happy streaming!