What is Streamlabs OBS | Project: QuickStart?

Streamlabs OBS | Project: QuickStart - web-project, which is oriented on people that want to begin stream, but don't know where to start, and people which want to starting stream using only the necessary for this optimal settings and extensions without excesses. It's Fast All-in-one streaming!

On our site presented 8 button links which include:

1) About Streamlabs OBS - information for those who don't know with a program
2) Download Streamlabs OBS - if you need download Streamlabs OBS you can go to official site and downoad from there
3) Streamlabs Prime - create site for your streaming channel
4) Quickstart - full setup the program for stream
5) Manual - analysis of the program
6) More Info - additional links for users which want to learn a functional the program  in more detail or have questions on the Streamlabs that can ask in support
7) Mobile App - download Streamlabs OBS for your mobile devices
8) About Site - project description