In menu "Manual" you can read and и find about all elements, widgets and other instruments a program Streamlabs OBS in details or briefly.

This is menu will be helpful to people who want to know about structure a program in more detail.


DASHBOARD - information with statistics
RECENT EVENTS - last stream events
WIDGETS - widgets setting
CLOUDBOT - chat bot with fun functions
MERCH - merch store with streamers symbolics
SETTINGS - account setting
-MY DONATIONS - your donations
-MY SUBSCRIBERS - your subscribers
-WIDGET THEMES - widgets manage
-FACE MASKS - animated 3D model masks
--OVERLAYS & LOYALTY - loyalty points for viewers
--LEADERBOARD - bar with leaders loyalty program
--STREAM SCHEDULE & COUNTDOWN - bar to display time next stream
-CHATBOT - simple bot for chat
-ALL-STARS - request for membership in All-start Streamlabs
-CHANGELIG - news about changes a program
-BLOG - official blog a program
-FEATURE SUGGESTIONS - your suggestions about a program
-@STREAMLABS - twitter Streamlabs
-STREAMLABS - youtube channel Streamlabs


DASHBOARD - the entrance in account panel Streamlabs OBS
CHATBOT - chatbot settings for chat
APP STORE - extensions store for Streamlabs OBS
THEMES - themes for design scenes and widgets
EDITOR - broadcast editor
-SCENES - broadcast scenes
-SOURCES - are connected standard sources and widgets
-MIXER - mixer sounds and microphone
LIVE - appearance broadcast
DAY/NIGHT MODE - color scheme a program
STUDIO MODE - editor+live mode
GET HELP - get help from program
SETTINGS - program settings
LOGIN - enter in program



IMAGE - add images to your scene
BROWSER SOURCE - allows you to add web-based content as a source (e.g. web pages)
IMAGE SLIDE SHOW - add a slideshow of images
DISPLAY CAPTURE - capture your entire computer monitor
GAME CAPTURE - capture a game you're playing
AUDIO INPUT CAPTURE - add microphone
COLOR SOURCE - add a color to the background of your whole scene or just a part
MEDIA SOURCE - add audio/video clips
TEXT (GDI+) - add text
WINDOW CAPTURE - capture a window that's open on your computer
VIDEO CAPTURE DEVICE - add webcam or capture cards
AUDIO OUTPUT CAPTURE - add acoustic system on output


ALERT BOX - thanks viewers with notification popups
CHAT BOX - include your channel's chat into your stream
EVENT LIST - recent events into your stream
VIEWERS COUNT - show off your viewers
DONATION GOAL - set a goal for your viewers to help you reach (donations)
DONATION TICKER - recent donations
FOLLOWER GOAL - set a goal for your viewers to help you reach (followers)
THE JAR - the jar that catches bits, tips, and more
STREAM BOSS - battle with bits to be the boss of the stream
CREDITS - rolling credits to play at the end of your stream
BIT GOAL - set a goal for your viewers to help you reach (bits)
SPONSOR BANNER - set up sponsor banner on stream
SUB GOAL - set a goal for your viewers to help you reach (subscribers)
SPIN WHEEL - spin the wheel to make a decision
MEDIA SHARE  - show clips for donations
INSTANT REPLAY - automatically plays your most recently captured replay in your stream
STREAM LABELS - info into your stream about follower count, top or last donations, last subscribers, and many others


GENERAL - general settings (cache, language, dialog notifications)
STREAM - set up and connection stream service
OUTPUT - set up quality broadcast output
AUDIO - set up quality audio broadcast
VIDEO - install video resolution and FPS for output in broadcast
HOTKEYS - fast commands in one click
ADVANCED - configurations for network, color correction, reconnect, delay and CPU
SCENE COLLECTIONS - your saved scenes
NOTIFICATIONS - notifications of errors
APPEARANCE - color scheme a program
REMOTE CONTROL - manage with other device